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Sports Structure

Sport in Slovakia is characterised by the partnership between governmental and non-governmental organisations at all levels. The National Council Law on Physical Culture (from 1990) defined the responsibilities of individual organisations and state authorities in sport. This also included articles on educational and commercial activities in sport (from 1997).

The central authority of state administration responsible for sport is the Slovak Ministry of Education, Sports Department. Their main responsibilities include the support of all national teams, international cooperation with non-governmental organisations and providing grants to sport associations from the state budget.

Non – governmental organisations: there are 6 big umbrella sports organisations:

  1. Slovak Association of Physical Culture:
    • Confederation of Slovak Sport Federations
    • Slovak Sport for All Association
    • Association of Clubs of Slovak Republic
    • Slovak Football Association
  2. Association of Technical and Sports Activities
  3. Organisations of School and University Sport
  4. Special Non-governmental Organisations: Special Olympics Slovakia
  5. Slovak Olympic Committee
  6. Slovak Paralympic Committee

In each of the umbrella organisations several kinds of cooperation exists between disabled  and non- disabled organisations : use common personnel and facilities, share training spaces, preparation of integrative competitions, etc.

The specific national sport federations for disabled:

Slovak Sports Association for people with mental handicap
Beginning of realization sport activities from 1991. 250 sportsmen, 18 clubs. Member of INAS-FID and  Slovak Paralympic Committee.
Námestie Biely Kriz 7, 831 02 Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone: +421 905 788 435

Slovak Association of Deaf Sportsmen
Came into existence in1947, associates 515 sportsmen in 18 clubs with hearing impairments and deaf. Member of CISS, EDSO and Slovak Paralympic Committee.
SNP 289/8, 922 03 Vrbove, Slovakia
Fax: + 421 33 779 2403; e-mail:

Section of Blind and Weak Sight Sportsmen of Slovakia
Started in 1990. They develop sport activities for people with visual impairments. 410 sportsmen in 25 clubs. Member of IBSA and  Slovak Paralympic Committee.
Karpatská 3256/15, 058 01 Poprad, Slovakia
Phone: +421 52 772 1012; e-mail:

Slovak Sports Association for the Disabled
Started from 1990. Activities are organised in 33 clubs with 3754 athlets. Member of ISOD, ISMWSF, CP ISRA, International Tennis Federation, World Organization Volleyball for Disabled, International Wheelchair Basketball Federation, as well as member of Slovak Paralympic Committee.
Junacka 6, 832 80 Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone: +421 2 49249 263; e-mail:

Slovak Union of Physical Education, Sport and Recreation
From 1980 started activities of Adapted Physical Activity commission, it develops sport for all, activites for various health impairments, prepares methodical materials, coordinates clubs, groups for disabled people (segregate and integrative), educates volunteers for APA, coaches for sport for disabled. This Union cooperates with school adapted physical education teachers.
Junacka 6, 832 80 Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone: + 421 2 4924 9225; e-mail:

Special Olympics Slovakia
Was set up in 1993 and develops national  programe of year-round sports training and competition for children, youth and adults with mental disability, arranges preparation of  sportsmen for winter   and summer special olympics games. Participation: 1362 members in 75 clubs, development of 14 kinds of sport, member of SOI.Adress: Lamacska 3, 841 04 Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone: +421 2 5941 8641; e-mail:

Slovak Paralympic Committee
Was  set up in 1995, it is member of International Paralympic Committee from 1995, member of European Paralympic Committee from 1997. The main tasks and objectives of it are: arranging for the preparation and participation of the national team at  Paralympic Games and World Games of the Deaf, as well as to spread the ideas  of the Paralympics movement, promotion of sport among children and youth with disabilities, integration of sport of athletes with disabilities in national movement. There are include special non-governmental associations for disabled: Slovak Sports Association for the Disabled, Slovak Association of Deaf Sportsmen, Section of Blind and Weak Sight Sportsmen of Slovakia, Slovak Sports Association for People with mental Handicap.
Adress: Benediktiho 5 , 811 05 Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone: +421 2 57789700; e-mail:



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